President’s Desk

You will never do anything in this world without courage.
It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor”.  Aristotle

Dear Sister & Brother Officers,

Our membership drive for 2017 is now underway.  Membership is open to all present and former C.O.s and S.C.O.s, active or retired.  Join and be part of the fastest growing, most all-inclusive Court Officer organization in New York State.  Dues for 2017 are $20. Members this year receive new member cards and other items.  Please find your 2017 application on back of page 3 and kindly return to us by January 31, 2017.  Sponsor a new member and have a chance to win 50 “Win for Life” scratch offs. Simply photocopy the application, have the prospective member fill out his/her info and insert your name on the “sponsored by” line and submit with payment.

2016 – Year in Review

2016 has been a very active year. Statewide membership surpassed 1,200. Our Twenty-Sixth Anniversary Dinner-Dance was a great success. Our Eleventh Annual Pistol Competition just took place in October. Competition awards will be presented at our Holiday Party. Our Tenth Annual Golf Outing was held September 26th and our Teddy Leoutsakos Memorial outing on August 22th. Our Thirteenth Annual Teddy Bear Drive will be underway shortly, and our Fourteenth Annual Holiday Raffle will enable us to continue our holiday tradition of giving.

2016 10-13 Updates

We are proud to have run, sponsored and or assisted with several 10-13s for Court Officers in Washington, Schenectady, Queens and Nassau counties this year.

Check out our website to see what we have been doing, to download various forms and information, to contact Executive Board members, and to view present and past events.

Our Objectives

Our objectives remain as in the beginning; to promote fraternal spirit among our members, to champion the causes that will benefit members and all New York State Court Officers, and to be there for members in times of need (10-13s).

Our Annual Holiday Raffle – Goals

We would like to raise funds to provide a college scholarship for the child of a F.O.C.O. member, as well as raise holiday funds for the children of C.O. James Barbieri and daughter of C.O. Dave Alexander. If each member were to sell or buy just two tickets, we would reach goal. For raffles, or to help with sales in your Command, please call me at (516) 808-7009.

Our Tradition of Holiday Giving

The money raised by our holiday raffle also enables us to help less fortunate children and families in New York State. We proudly sponsor the following organizations:

  • The Little Flower Home
  • Pat Cairo Foundation
  • Mary Brennan Interfaith Soup Kitchen
  • Blythedale Children’s Hospital

We are proud to say that since our first underprivileged children’s party, we have raised over $100,000 for charitable causes (excluding 10-13s). Special thanks go to C.O. Mike Riveiro for running our candy desk, as well as to everyone making our Holiday Raffle successful.

Our All-Star Team

✮ Dennis Lemke
We are proud to have Dennis Lemke as our attorney. Those of you who have seen him in court know that Dennis is one of the best. He’s always been there for our members. Dennis is on call 24 hours for you and yours @ (516) 294-9200.

✮ Director Graham Kistler
Graham has agreed to do wills for our membership. He can be reached in Dennis Lemke’s office @ (516) 294-9200.

2016 All-Star Running Backs (Members who’ve helped our projects succeed)

C.O. Janet Garaguso, Sgt. Dominic Napolitano, C.O. Craig Flynn, C.O. Jeanette Reichle, S.C.O. Paul DiPierro, Sgt. Tom Jones, C.O. Flo Coen-Lahoz, C.O. Jessica McCoy, C.O. Christina Gordon, S.C.O. Nancy Puglise, S.C.O. Debby Verity, C.O. Cliff Weiss, S.C.O. Tom Murphy, Sgt. Frank Barry, Sgt. Brian Young, Capt. Denise Zeitler, C.O. Christine Pettito, Sgt. Jessica Hernandez, C.O. Mike Riveiro, C.O. Paul Giacalone, C.O. Kim Coughlin, Lt. Ed Jakubek.

Our Membership

The ability of our membership to respond quickly and generously to officers in need has enhanced our reputation throughout New York State and has established a model for other organizations to follow.  We take great pride in our members and all the good they have accomplished throughout our history.  With our membership as our greatest resource, there are no obstacles that we can’t overcome.

Wanted: Creative Individuals

We are always looking for members with artistic talents to design event shirts, pins, banners etc.  Get involved and have your creations published state-wide. Contact  gro.o1513189614cof@a1513189614llenn1513189614aceoj1513189614

❊ Holiday Party – LET US KNOW IF YOU WILL ATTEND!! ❊

Our annual Holiday Party will take place on December 8th, 2017.  Open bar from 6 – 8 PM, cash bar 8-10PM, at the Mineola Knights of Columbus Hall at 186 Jericho Turnpike (Rte. 25) – Nassau County, NY. Our special Holiday Raffle will be drawn on this night.  The Grand Prize is $3,000 and the party is free to all 2016 paid members-in-good-standing, non-member officers are $20, which goes to 2017 membership.  We hope to see you, raise a cup of cheer, and sell out all our raffle tickets!  Remember, these tickets offset the cost of this event, give us our donations for the Court Officers’ children and supplement our charitable giving.  Tickets are $10 each and have been distributed to most Command Team Leaders already.  Please call me if you want some tickets to sell on your own, and remember, the seller of the Holiday Raffle Grand Prize winning ticket will receive $300!  CONTACT US IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING, AS WE NEED A HEAD COUNT.  ALSO, ALL SOLD RAFFLES MUST BE TURNED IN BEFORE THE EVENT!!!!

Going Forward

The success of our projects throughout the year depends on the involvement of our members.  Please volunteer or ask about how you can get involved.


In Remembrance

As always, we strive to hold our heads high in honor of our Brothers who gave their lives so that others may live.  Let our actions honor the memory of Sgt. Mitch Wallace, Sgt. Tommy Jurgens, Lieutenant Teddy Leoutsakos and Captain Harry Thompson.

Yours Fraternally,

Joseph Cannella

P.S.  Our Twenty-Seventh Annual Dinner-Dance will be held on April 7, 2017 at our new venue, the North Ritz in Syosset, New York.


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